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About Us

The Tricky Dogs Show is a circus style comedy dog act starring six Terriers,
one Poodle and their pet human, Rick Martin.  

Our show runs 45 minutes in length and is the perfect entertainment for:

  • Fairs 
  • Festivals
  • Schools
  • Carnivals
  • Church Events
  • Rec. Centers
  • Malls
  • Senior Centers 
  • Summer Camps
  • Corporate Events
  • and just about any type of event in need of quality comedy entertainment.



Meet the Cast

Bingo became part of our family in January of 2013. She looks like a Jack Russel Terrier, but claims to be a mutant form of giant Chihuahua.

Twinky is a Rat Terrier adopted by Rick in July of 1999.  Twinky loves to eat and is on a seafood diet.  If she see food, she eat it.

Lucy, a Jack Russel Terrier, joined us in November of 2002.  Her hobbies include skateboarding, Frisbee and loud barking for no apparent reason.

Peewee T Poodle became part of our family in September of 2004.  He describes himself as brave, talented, smart, extra cute and modest.

Minnie joined us in December of 2006.  She is a Toy Rat Terrier about the size of a toy rat.  Minnie has graciously appointed herself boss of our entire household.

Ziggy, a Rat Terrier, joined us in August of 2007.  He has all of the qualifications to be a great circus dog.  Intelligence, energy, agility and a cute stumpy tail.

Cricket is the newest and youngest addition to our family and joined us in July of 2011.  She is a genuine pedigreed ‘Ring Tailed Fudgiepup’.

Rick Martin also plays an important role in that he drives the truck and can work the can opener. He also loves his doggies and they love him.


"Thanks for the great show. Your dogs were the highlight of the party!"
Janet Oroz
Innisbrook Resort & Gulf Club

"Wow!  What a great show.  The kids were laughing, having fun and learning all at the same time."
Lisa Schellpfeffer, PTA
Deerwood Elementary School


"Not only were you and the dogs enjoyable, your message of pet adoption and responsibility really hit its mark!"
Marie Stempinski,
The Science Center of Pinellas Cty


"We can always count on The Tricky Dogs Show to put on a great show.  Thanks!"
Doug Maier
A Plus Fundraising


"I laughed my head off at a man with a trained-pooch act starring
'Chico the Wonder Dog,' billed as 'a mutant strain of giant Chihuahua.' "

Charles Passy
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer